How it Works

Read: Choose a title that interests you from the book list on our product page. All books are available for purchase online.

Answer: Complete the online CE quiz. We recommend that you download the quiz's free PDF and fill it out as you read through the book. This will make entering your answers online much easier. 

Turn it in for grading: Submit your completed CE quiz online - no paperwork or postage necessary! You make no payment until you submit the exam for grading. During the checkout process you will be asked to complete the online quiz. Pass your exam with a 70% or better and...  

Voila! Within two business days of submission, you will receive an email containing your CE certificate awarding you with your earned hours. If your quiz was not passed with at least 70% correct, we'll notify you and offer you a chance to retake.

If you love old-fashioned mail... Quizzes can be submitted via USPS upon request. Contact us to make arrangements and we will be happy to process your quiz this way. Please note, there will be a delay in receiving your CE award certificate for this form of submission.